Top Reasons to Think about Obtaining Natural Remi Hair Weaves

Remy hair weaves or extensions are actually measures associated with virgin real hair that have been collected so they could be offered for sale in order to be incorporated within the buyer’s own hair, either by using weaves, and of course at others, netting or even clips, really making the recipient’s hair look to be normally a bit longer as compared to it truly is. There is a incredible and eager market for exactly what is named “virgin” hair – hair that has in no way been chemically altered utilizing either color, curling permanents, or bleach. (These three procedures appreciably diminish everyone’s hair.) Within other parts on the planet including Peru, India and also Maylasia, girls grow their particular hair long and even keep from processing it to be able to market it.

Unprocessed and even healthy human hair of good length will bring a premium price, and it’s the most expensive of the hair that can be found for sale by owner. It is, however, a great investment, for once stitched directly into a person’s natural locks, it could be dealt with just like a person’s own personal locks. The more meticulously the extensions happen to be handled, the longer they are going to last, and many people find that their woven extensions last as much as 1 year. Virgin hair is without a doubt valuable simply because not only is it more substantial than manufactured hair, but it is likely never to tangle, knot and be frizzy as will fabricated hair.

America’s Heartland Remembers To Honor Military Heroes With Art Installation


(St. Louis, MO)—On September 11th 2016, America’s Heartland Remembers (AHR) will fill Art Hill – the iconic St. Louis destination in Forest Park – with nearly 7,000 American Flags. This awe-inspiring display, which will be known as “Flags of Valor” will pay tribute to the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice while fighting the War on Terror since September 11th, 2001 to keep citizens free and safe here at home.

Each and every flag in the War memorial will bear the name and photo of a hero that bravely served their country but never came home. The flags will be placed in chronological order according to the date each of the Veterans lost their lives and will allow loved ones and visitors to walk through the massive display so they can easily find and honor each hero.

AHR wants to ensure Gold Star Families have the opportunity to bring their Hero’s flag home. Family members can acquire their Hero’s flag at a reduced rate by visiting Here, they can also search for the location of their Hero’s flag on the Art Hill prior to the September 11th weekend event. AHR implores everyone to share this website and news of the event with other military family and friends who may wish to attend or contribute. Additionally, members of the general public can sponsor a flag for a Gold Star Family, as well as acquire an unclaimed flag for a small donation.

Apart from helping America’s Heartland Remembers fund two memorials for a fallen New York firefighter and a Marine from Iowa, all profits from the event will be donated to one of the following not-for-profit organizations that are closely aligned with the mission of America’s Heartland Remembers: Missouri Military Memorial Foundation, Semper Fi Fund, Missouri Memorial Military Foundation, and The Greater St. Louis Honor Flight.

About America’s Heartland Remembers:

In an effort to never forget those who perished on September 11th 2001, Pace Properties and America’s Heartland Remembers organized a flag tribute to each of the Heroes who were lost in the attacks at on our homeland that fateful day. Hundreds of volunteers gather to assemble and erect the massive display of flags on Art Hill in Forest Park. As a 501(c)(3) organization, AHR has given to countless organizations that help Military and their families. In addition, they have erected hundreds of Flag displays at Veterans funerals and worked with families of the fallen to create lasting tributes to their heroes.


Health Benefits of Peppermint Oil


Peppermint is one of the famous herbs which can be used in various cosmetic, pharmaceutical, construction and many other industries. Peppermint oil can be extracted from its plants. It is scientifically proven that this oil is very good for your health and skin as well. This is generally used to add flavor to your delicious food recipes.

And this can be also used to add aroma in your cosmetic items. Because of their unlimited uses in various industries, these are highly in demand and can be easily available in the market. Following are some health benefits of Peppermint oil which help you to use it in a right way.

Improve digestive system: Peppermint oil is very helpful for the people who are suffering from the digestion problem. You can use a few drops of oil in a glass of water, mix it well and drink it after every meal. This will help to improve your digestion, which is good for a healthy body and mind.

Dental Care: This oil can be also used in dental care by various dentists, because of its antiseptic property. This is very good to kill the bacteria of your teeth and gums and also eliminate the bad breath and give a cooling sensation to your mouth.

Nail care: It also has antifungal property which helps to kill fungal bacterial of your nails. And also reduce the risk of nail infection.

Urinary tract infection: From the ancient time this herb can be used to get relief from various skins related problems and one of them are urinary tract infections. Because of its antibacterial property, this oil will help you to get relief from this infection, which may be harmed, your body.

Pain Relief: This oil is only for the external use and really helps to get relief from the muscle and body pain. So if you are suffering from a bad headache, muscle pain, or even from period pain, then this oil is the perfect solution for you.

Skin Care: Because of its cooling sensation this oil is really helpful to get relief from various skin related problems like rashes, infections, burn skin, minor cuts, itching and many other skin issues.

Hair care: This oil is also good for your hair. You can add a few drops of oil in your shampoo and it will give a cooling sensation to your scalp which helps to get relief from dry scalp, itchiness, dandruff and many other hairs related problems.

Essential Oil Considerations To Make Before Buying


Essential oils have over the years gained popularity in the field of aromatherapy and other uses. They are now readily available making it possible for you to buy quality oils that you can use even on a daily basis. It is however important to remember that not every brand offers high quality oils and hence you should be careful when buying so that you get only products that you can fully trust for quality. A few considerations can help you choose the right path when it comes to buying the essential oils that you need.

Oil purity

There is truly no standardized definition of purity as far as essential oils go and they are only judged by how therapeutic they are. Fragrance oils, perfume oils or flavorings can offer very strong and pleasant fragrances, but no therapeutic benefit as real and true essential oils. The purity of your essential oil can be determined by where the plant was grown, the weather conditions and the processing of the oil which balances out the chemicals. Choosing a good reputable and reliable retailer can help you keep off adulterated essential oils that have little to offer. Choose a retailer that offers certified grade to reap the full benefits of the essential oils that you buy.

The cost

The plant, extraction and quantity of the oil will definitely have so many effects on the prices that you get. For instance, pure rose oils can be expensive because it takes a large amount of the flower blossoms to produce a small amount of the oil. Generally, essential oils are a bit pricey, so be careful when choosing very cheap oils because they might not be that valuable. Pure oils are highly concentrated so you will only need to use a small amount of the oil. This means that a small bottle of quality oil can be expensive, but will still serve your needs for a considerable length of time.

When buying the oils, try as much as possible to get organic oils because they tend to be higher in quality. Some manufacturers get the plants from farmers who do not use any spray chemicals on the plants so that the highest grades are achieved. It is also important to remember that some suppliers use fancy terminologies to get you to buy the oils such as clinical grade. When buying, find out as much as you can about the brand in terms of quality and reputation of the oils that it provides. When you know enough about the brands, you are more likely to make a good decision that is not in any way blinded by the fancy terminologies used by suppliers and manufacturers.

Choose essential oils that have gone through thorough testing and declared safe for use. The internet offers so many sources that you can use to find the best high quality oils and to know reputable suppliers within your locality so you can buy valuable oils that actually make a difference in your life.

Bepurely is one of the best sites you can use to get high quality essential oils. Purely has an exclusive selling plan of the oils and strives to make a positive difference in the lives of all customers.

Look After Your Health, Don’t Take It for Granted


Many, many years ago when I was training to be a nurse I saw at first-hand the value and terror that Matrons brought to the NHS. They were, or the ones I met, as terrorising as the stories portray; but we certainly didn’t have the superbugs and decaying processes we have today.

Our knowledge for curing ailments obviously has developed over the years, but then we certainly cared and did a good job at keeping patients comfortable.

However having recently felt slightly unwell for a few months I decided to visit a doctor, she warned me of the worst and booked a blood test for the next day. I’m pleased to say it was nothing serious and it all turned out fine, but she certainly was vigilant, so despite the current complaints about the NHS, some things have improved greatly over the years.

I know someone probably 15 years ago, who had chest pains for 18 months and despite repeatedly seeing a doctor was told it was arthritis in his ribs and was not diagnosed with lung cancer until it was full-blown and too late to treat. It was only discovered when he developed phlebitis and had blood tests, by then it was too late for treatment.

So a bit scary being told my problems could have been the onset of cancer, but the progress now made means Cancer is more often treatable and everyone is more open about it. Cancer is less feared and very often curable.

So look after your health, don’t take it for granted. Illness can change your life in a flash. Perhaps this hurry and rush world we live in and happily promote; with the urge to acquire more material things can really be our downfall and not so important as we once thought.

Make the most of your time on this earth enjoy the company of your family and friends. Enjoy nature and all it offers beautiful sunsets, warm beaches, lakes streams, hills and wooded areas. Enjoy the fresh air and changing scenery, and forget the rush and hurry world, where stress is invading our lives from every quarter.

You may be thinking of dropping out of the rat-race in the future, like we are doing; where you only need a laptop and internet connection to run a simple business in a place of your choice. You could travel the world, live by the beach, the countryside or anywhere that takes your fancy, it’s your choice.

Start now, plan for the future. Discover what we are doing by reading my articles; leave me a message, we will be happy to share our adventures. So looking forward to hearing from you and what is important to you, we wish you a healthy happy life.

My name is Anne: We Always Aim To Give More Value Than You Expect

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Reclaim Your Life With Stopflo Endometrial Ablation And Other Procedures For Women


Go swimming. Run a marathon. Accompany your kid to her field trip. Volunteer for an outreach activity. Go on a road trip. Go dancing. Or simply be ready to go. There are so many things you should be doing, but the inconvenience of a heavy period, the pain of PMS, the difficulty of incontinence, or the side effects of menopause are stopping you. Whether you want to do good or you just want to have a good time, having your menstruation can put a damper on your plans-and on your life.

As a woman, you appreciate that you are now able to enjoy some of the freedom and liberties that your sisters have previously fought for. Women’s rights and gender equality activists have tried to bring down the barriers and boxes that societies, traditions, states and cultures have imposed on your gender. And so you find it ironic that it’s your own body that is in fact stopping you from living a fuller life.

That’s why most women see the development of Stopflo Endometrial Ablation as another victory for their ranks. With the slogan “Imagine Life Without Your Period,” this procedure is geared to decrease heavy bleeding or eliminate periods completely. Stopflo is a quick and safe procedure that can be done without the need for general anesthesia. It can be finished under one hour, and you can return to your daily duties the next day. As with most treatments, your doctor will discuss the side effects with you, but generally most women report that the only effect they have ever experienced is the higher quality of life they now enjoy after being liberated from monthly menstruation.

For older women, a revolutionary procedure for them is the development of a safe, effective and minimally invasive treatment for urinary incontinence in women. In the past, older women were told that having a “weak” bladder or needing to frequently urinate is just a part of aging-there’s little to do except to accept the condition. But modern and state-of-the-art facilities are now offering new ways to treat and prevent the various types of incontinence through the appropriate method.

Older women are likewise taking advantage of other benefits that they can experience from all these medical developments and research within their reach.menopause doctor say, are among the busiest in their department due to the sheer demand and number of patients looking for ways to relieve the challenges of menopause. From night sweats to hot flashes to feelings of depression, women now could choose a highly competent and compassionate doctor to help them maintain their health and well-being during this important phase in their life. So if you see yourself as a strong, beautiful and intelligent woman, it’s never too late to talk to your doctor today and discover how to live the life you want through today’s most innovative female-focused procedures.

Some Common Skin Problems and Their Solutions


Skin problems are a common thing in today’s time for both men and women, but how you react as well as treat them is what sets apart both the sexes. Referring especially for men; this article talks about some common skin problems and their solutions which can save the day for men.

Let us look at the skin problems that occur day-after-day, but are hard to tackle with.

1. Acne

Acne had to take the first position when it comes to common skin issues. Though, men don’t go crazy just by seeing the smallest occurrence on the face like women; they surely want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Now the first thing you need to understand here is what exactly is acne? Is it similar to whiteheads, blackheads, and other look-alikes? Well, acne just happens and even the experts are trying to understand its cause. However, sebum or the natural skin oil is considered to be the root cause. Testosterone (during puberty) produces more sebum and causes a lot of acne. You must be surprised to know that men are more accustomed to getting acne than women.

Solution: There are some steps you can follow, but there’s no way you can control your hormones after all. So you can try doing these:

• Clean your face regularly, but gently.
• Avoid harsh cleaning agents on the face.
• Apply aloe vera to balance the oil on the face; and
• Do not pop a pimple.

2. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that is red, flaky patch and has a silvery center. There is a possibility that this disease occurs anywhere on the body including hands, nails, elbows and even the private parts of the male body. It is supposed to be a genetic disease that can be triggered by various environmental factors. It looks ugly, but the pain that the sufferers face during the psoriasis attacks are beyond compare. The attacks include severe itching and other symptoms which make the situation go from bad to worse. Some of the commonest kinds of psoriasis are plaque, pustular, inverse psoriasis (specifically for genitals) and guttate psoriasis.

Solution: Although psoriasis is not contagious, but it is not curable either. However, you can definitely suppress it and prevent it from occurring (psoriasis attacks) with the following steps:

• Avoid dryness all around and make sure you use a humidifier to keep the environment moist.
• Do not use soaps and perfumes because they contain fragrances that can boost up psoriasis.
• Wear appropriate men’s underwear in order to prevent the shaft and the adjacent areas from drying.
• Apply Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly to keep the affected area moisturized; and
• Increase the intake of ingredients rich in Omega 3.

3. Shaving Rash

One of the most common problems faced by every male at some or the other point of time is a shaving rash. Scientifically called as ‘pseudofolliculitis barbae’ or ‘sycosis barbae’, men also refer to it as ‘barber’s itch’ or ‘razor lumps’. Why does it happen? Well, there are a few causes of the shaving rashes to happen. Insufficient pre-shaving preparations, using an old razor, lack of lubrication, and more are some of the causes for this skin problem.

Solutions: Finally, this problem has solid and full-proof solutions that can prevent and even cure the skin rashes.

• Clean your face with gentle face wash before you start shaving. In fact, you opt for taking a proper bath before shaving in order to soften the hair follicles.
• Use a usable and functional razor that does not ditch you in the middle of the process.
• Make a rich lather with the shaving cream, so that the razor moves smoothly.
• Clean the face properly after the shave.

Well, these are a few skin problems faced by men on a daily basis and it is important for you to not only cure them, but also make severe efforts to prevent them from happening. Keeping yourself clean, continue healthy eating habits and wear the right mens sexy underwear that would definitely save you from a lot of problems.

Rhinoplasty – Facts For Making An Informed Choice


It is important to have inward confidence as this shines through to the outside, allowing you to have healthy relationships with others. Having good looks is not all that it takes to be confident, since you need to have a positive outlook on life and believe in yourself. However, there is no harm in boosting your confidence by enhancing your looks. If you have been wondering whether it is possible to have a nose job safely, then it’s time to get some facts right about the procedure, also known as rhinoplasty.

About The Procedure

Rhinoplasty, which is also referred to as a nose job or nose reshaping, is a procedure conducted to enhance the shape of your nose. It is also used to make the proportion of your nose better, and is in some cases used to improve breathing.

What The Procedure Can Do

A rhinoplasty can help to adjust the size of your nose, or the size and position of your nostril in order to bring balance to your face. Any depressions or bumps on the bridge of the nose can be smoothed out, and the width at the bridge of the nose can be changed. The tip of your nose can also be worked on through a nose job, whereby an enlarged nose tip can be reduced. Adjustments can also be made to the tip of the nose if it is drooped, or if it looks hooked or turned up. Nostrils that are too large or wide can also be adjusted to give them a more balanced look.

Being A Candidate

You are a good candidate for a nose job if your face has completed its growth process and you are physically healthy. Your expectations also need to be realistic, which means that you are looking for improvement in how your nose looks and not perfection.

Closed And Open Techniques

Before the surgery, the surgeon will administer general anesthesia to ensure you are comfortable and that the procedure is as safe as possible. The surgery is usually done using either the open or closed procedure. For the closed procedure, all the cuts that are made are hidden within the nose, while the open procedure involves making cuts on the piece of narrow tissue dividing the nostrils. This narrow tissue is known as the columella. The closed procedure is not preferred by most surgeons since it cannot be used adequately to address most nose problems.

Nose Reshaping

If your nose is too large, your surgeon will reduce its size by getting rid of some bone or cartilage. Some cartilage grafts may be required to reshape the nose, and this cartilage can be harvested from the septum. The septum is the part found in the middle of the nose that divides the left side from the right side. If this septum is not straight, it can be straightened to allow you to breathe properly.


After the surgery, the doctor may use splints to support the nose until it is fully recovered. You may experience swelling, which should go down after two to three weeks. However, the shape of your nose may take one to two years to fully settle.

4 Things to Take Care of Before Foot Surgery


It is very common for anyone about to undergo foot surgery to have questions and concerns, since setting out on a plan of corrective foot or ankle surgery can be a huge decision in one’s life. The best physicians and surgeons will not only evaluate and diagnose your foot and ankle, but will also discuss the procedure with you, addressing any concerns you may have. However, you can also make your surgery a success and speed your recovery by following a few of the following simple tips.

1. Schedule Your Surgery

Although this should go without saying, one of the first steps in making your surgery a success is scheduling it properly. While you may have some preference in mind for when you would like to have your surgery and when you plan to recover, a good rule of thumb is to avoid surgery within three months of any travel plans you may have. While you may prefer mornings to afternoons and evenings, or vice versa, usually the actual time in which the procedure will occur is not set until a day or two before the procedure.

2. Pre Operative Visits

Pre-operative visits are crucial to making sure that your surgery is a complete success. The purpose of these visits is multi-fold. For one, your surgeon will review your general health to make sure you are healthy enough for surgery, and will give you information and a detailed plan about the procedure. He or she will also give you instructions for things you should do both before and after the surgery. Likely, this is when you will also be prescribed any pain medications for after the operation, so that you can have them ahead of time. You can make the most of these visits by being very forward and open about your health and medical history.

3. Check Your Existing Medications

Another thing you need to be completely open about with your surgeon is any medications you are currently taking. The reason for this is that some medications can have a negative effect on certain anesthetics and medications, or can cause excessive bleeding. Avoid any blood thinners or aspirin, as these are known to thin the blood. Additionally, you will want to stop taking anti-inflammatories, any corticosteroids, methotrexate, Enbrel, plaquenil, or any chemotherapy medications, as these have been shown to slow the healing of bone and wounds.

4. Lay Off Alcohol and Smoking

If you smoke or enjoy a drink here and there, you will likely want to put a stop to these habits prior to the surgery and not resume until well after you have healed. The reason for laying off the vices is that they can increase your risk of complications in the heart and lungs for cigarettes, and because alcohol can have adverse effects when mixed with many post-operative pain medications. Additionally, both of these vices interfere with your body’s absorption of the nutrients and minerals you need to recover fully.

10 Harmful Habits That Can Prove Deadly To Your Heart


The heart is arguably the hub of life. It is the singular, central body organ on which every other organ or tissue depends for nourishment and survival. Why? Because it is the powerhouse that keeps pumping blood through which oxygen and other essential nutrients are distributed around the body.

Despite this cardinal role, the heart is usually the focus of several bad habits that tend to compromise its functions. Furthermore, while some of these habits are obviously deadly and many try to avoid them, others appear seemingly harmless. However, the bitter truth is they can all prove deadly to your heart.


For all intents and purposes, smoking has a damaging effect on not only the heart, but also every body organ. Cigarettes contain a substance, nicotine which increases the heart rate, elevates the blood pressure and damages the inner lining (endothelium) of blood vessels supplying the heart, thereby impairing blood flow to the organ.

Research has shown that about 20% of deaths from heart disease are directly related to smoking. Also, it has been found that people who smoke have 2-4 times higher risk of coming down with heart disease than nonsmokers. Sadly, secondhand or passive smokers (I.e people around smokers) are not exempted.

My candid advice to you is to avoid smoking of any form because it kills faster than you think.

Excessive Alcohol Consumption

Research has shown that moderate consumption of alcohol (especially red wine containing flavonoids) can be cardioprotective. In excess, however, the reverse is the case as alcohol increases your blood pressure, blood fats and weight. Hence, it is an important risk factor for cardiovascular problems like heart failure, heart attack and stroke.

If you must drink at all, the American Heart Association recommends a maximum of 1-2 bottles per day for men and 1 bottle per day for women. In larger quantities, alcohol does more harm than good to your body.

Sitting for long

Prolonged periods of sitting (>5hrs a day) either at a desk or in front of TV could prove dangerous to the heart. Folks who sit for long periods without getting up are said to have a double risk of developing heart disease since a sedentary lifestyle can promote obesity, high blood pressure and unhealthy cholesterol levels. A 2014 study done at Indiana University recommends taking a five-minute walk every hour if your job is such that you must sit all day. This simple routine will keep your blood vessels flexible and enhance a smooth blood flow.

Overzealous Exercise

What overzealous exercise does is to stimulate the body to release stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol which increase the heart rate and shoot up the blood pressure, thereby increasing the risk of cardiovascular phenomena such as heart attack, heart failure and stroke. It’s a good habit to indulge in 30min of moderate-intensity exercise about 5 times in a week because it improves the condition of your heart and blood vessels while also helping you to burn some fat.

Not Flossing

Flossing is important not just for your teeth but also for your heart. Studies have shown that bacteria associated with gum disease can cause inflammation and get into the bloodstream, leading to plaque formation and eventual narrowing of the arteries that supply the heart. This may predispose to coronary artery disease and heart attack.

Excessive Salt Intake

It is no more news that table salt has high quantities of sodium which can raise the blood pressure and increase the risk of cardiovascular events. But what about the hidden sodium content in most processed foods including sardines, canned vegetables, chips and salty snacks? The American Heart Association recommends a maximum daily sodium intake of 1500mg. Hence be sure to read the nutritional labels of the products you consume and avoid those with very high sodium content.

Inadequate Sleep

The need to make ends meet and earn a good living compels a lot of people to sacrifice their sleep. They often find themselves going to bed very late and getting up very early in the morning. This kind of habit deprives the overworked cardiovascular system of the needed rest and you may just be setting yourself up for high blood pressure and its dreaded complications. Studies have shown that 7-8 hrs of sleep every night is optimal for the body.

Anger and Anxiety

Research has shown that emotional outbursts in form of anger and anxiety can raise the blood pressure, disrupt the normal rhythm of the heart and promote atherosclerosis (a build-up of fatty plaques on the inner lining of blood vessels). Understandably, all these can set the stage for cardiovascular complications.

Avoiding Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are high-fibre, low-calorie diets that can facilitate weight loss and help burn fat. In fact, some fruits like bananas are rich in potassium which has been shown to protect the heart.
Studies have shown a 20% lower risk of heart disease and stroke in individuals who consume more than 5 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, compared to those who consume less than 3 servings.

Poor Compliance with Medications and Clinic Attendance

High blood pressure is often aptly referred to as the ‘silent killer’ because the majority of people may not feel any symptoms of the disease until they come down with complications. Hence it is very dangerous to stop taking your anti-hypertensive pills or ignore clinic appointments just because you no longer feel any symptoms.